Hoatzins, Toucans and Antbirds

Blue and yellow Macaws by Ventures Birding

Sani Lodge Rio Napo, Ecuador

March 19-27, 2024

Crested Owl by Ventures Birding

This trip can be done in combination with our Hummingbirds of Ecuador tour: March 6-17
Your place on this Venture is reserved when your completed registration form and deposit of $460/person has been received. Deposit may be made via the ‘book now’ button above, or by contacting the Ventures office. We accept credit cards for an additional fee (2.9% for MC, Visa, Discover; 3.9% for AmEx), but you may also pay by bank transfer, cash, check, or money order (payable to ‘VENTURES BIRDING’) sent to PO Box 1095, Skyland, NC 28776. This Venture is limited to 8 participants.

Cost of Sani Tour $3550 from Coca, based on double occupancy, $525 single supplement Price includes: Ground transportation in Ecuador, all meals, airport transfers, all taxes, entrance fees, trip information packet, bird list, and Ventures leader and driver and guide service throughout. Also the flight to Coca, Bed and breakfast in Quito before the tour. Not included: International return flight to Quito, alcoholic beverages, laundry, gratuities and items of a personal nature.

A week at an Amazonian River Lodge is a wonderful experience. For the next 7 days and 6 nights we will have a lot of options in and around Sani Lodge. The flights to Coca usually leave in the late morning, and our journey starts with a 30-minute flight from Quito to Coca where we will be met and driven the short distance to the boat docks on the banks of the Napo River. It’s then a 2 ½ motorized boat trip on this, the largest Ecuadorian tributary of the Amazon.

From the 36 meter (118 ft.) Observation Tower to paddling the narrow waterways and on Challuacocha Lake in front of Sani Lodge and hiking the maze of nearby rainforest trails, we will see an incredible amount of wildlife during our week on the Napo River. Chestnut-fronted and Red-bellied Macaws are common and fly over every morning from their roosting and Russet-backed and Crested Oropendolas stream over every morning and evening on the way to good fruiting localities in and around the forest.

Over 565 species of birds have been seen around the Sani Community so far, including 5 species of macaws, 8 toucans, 7 jacamars, 50 antbirds, 30+ tanagers, 70+ flycatchers, and an excellent selection of mammals. The sounds of Red Howlers are a constant morning sound and it’s not uncommon to see family groups resting in the treetops. Squirrel Monkeys, Tamarins and Marmosets are also fairly common and the lake near the lodge is home to a family of Giant Otters and Black Caimans. Around the lodge there are also many alternatives for relaxing, such as birding from the bar, on the boat dock in front of the lagoon or to simply just relax in the hammocks. This week in the Amazon Basin will give us a great insight to the birds and wildlife of this incredibly diverse part of the world, as well as enable us to see how the local communities are preserving the forest for their future generations, and for visitors and naturalists to come down and enjoy.