County Birding

Yellow-throated Warbler by Simon Thompson

Chatham County Early Migrants

April 8, 2022

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher by Simon Thompson

Register by clicking the ‘book now’ button above, or by contacting the Ventures office. We accept credit cards for an additional fee (2.9% for MC, Visa, Discover; 3.9% for AmEx), but you may also pay by bank transfer, cash, check, or money order. This Venture is limited to 10 participants.

MEET: We will meet at the Valero gas station at 5871 US-64 W, (Pittsboro, NC) between Haw River and Jordan Lake. Snacks and/or lunch in addition to drinks can be purchased here if you have not packed a lunch ahead of time. TIME: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm (weather depending) COST: $60


An easy day strolling around at locations along the Haw River, multiple access points to Jordan Lake and perhaps a stop at Harris Lake. The walking will be easy on roads and established trails but sturdy, waterproof footwear is suggested.

We will be hunting for the first of the Spring migrants returning to the Piedmont. We will no doubt come across local residents such as Red-bellied Woodpecker, Carolina Chickadee, Northern Cardinal and Eastern Phoebe already on nests. Expect lots of singing males in fresh, handsome plumage. We should be able to locate Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Yellow-throated Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush, Green Heron and hopefully Spotted Sandpiper. Plenty of swallows will be in residence and pairing up. Tree, Rough-winged, Cliff and Barn Swallows as well as Purple Martin are all likely. Osprey should be back as well.

Depending on the weather leading up to our day in the field, we may find a few species expected a bit later in the season. If enough weather has been tracking from the southwest, we will be prepared for an Ovenbird, Prothonotary Warbler, American Redstart or Yellow-throated Vireo.

Of course, we will keep an eye out for other wildlife such as turtles and butterflies as well as spring wildflowers. There should be plenty of good photo opportunities so feel free to bring a camera to capture a few of our best finds.