Beginning Birding Workshop

Downy Woodpecker by Martina Nordstrand

Asheville, NC

May 21, 2023

Tufted Titmouse by Martiuna Nordstrand

Register by clicking the ‘book now’ button above, or by contacting the Ventures office. We accept credit cards for an additional fee (2.9% for MC, Visa, Discover; 3.9% for AmEx), but you may also pay by bank transfer, cash, check, or money order. This Venture is limited to 10 participants.

Departure: We will meet at the Beaver Lake Sanctuary Parking Lot on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. Time: 8:00 – 11:00 AM Price: $60


Birding is the fastest growing hobby in the country. Birds are an everyday part of our lives. In this three hour class we will learn about the birds in our area, how to choose the best binoculars, look at current books and field guides, and start to learn about how best to identify birds by their songs, plumage and behavior.

What is a Bird? Well, I know we all know that, but what makes a bird a bird? We will look at some of the amazing facts about these winged creatures, go through the parts of a bird in detail; look at the structure and explain some of the terminology. What goes through your mind when you see a bird: how long is its tail, what shape and color is its head, and how does it fly. We will also look at the dizzying range of binoculars on the market, learn about bird identification; why do birds sing? Where do birds go on their yearly migrations? There are a lot of Field Guides and books on the market, so which one is the best for us here in Western North Carolina. Are paintings better than photos and what birds do we get around here? Where are the best areas to find birds in our area? How familiar are you with common birds around Asheville?

We will discuss all of this and much more, so join us for a fun day in the world of birds.