Clayton Gibb

Clayton Gibb grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. He and his family would camp often, and he quickly took to the outdoors. However, he spent most of his youth as a musician, and wouldn't get into birding until later.

In 2017, he moved to Asheville, NC to attend school at UNCA. During his time studying there, he took an avian ecology course and was immediately hooked. Absorbed by birds and their vocalizations, he found that his musical background helped him to categorize and memorize the songs and calls of birds.

After finishing undergrad in 2021, he began working for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. He was a traveling technician on the NC Bird Atlas team for almost two years, and has subsequently worked to assist biologists on a variety of projects here in the mountains. He is a board member of the Blue Ridge Audubon Society, and participates in numerous advocacy efforts including work on Lights-Out Asheville. Clayton is currently working for Ventures as a tour guide and operations assistant. He plans to continue working in research with the goal of attending grad school.