Trip Report

Pumpkintown area, SC
September 17, 2014

Oolinoy River Bridge, Eastatoe River, Twin Falls

and Table Rock Visitor Center




Eastern Wood Pewee


We met under gray skies in Hendersonville prior to driving down to Highway 11 in South Carolina, This scenic stretch of heavily wooded road circles under both Caesar’s Head and Table Rock State Parks. We started out at a new spot, the small bridge over the Oolinoy River.



Picnic at Twin Falls


The birding here was very good and we had uninterrupted views of Scarlet Tanager, Eastern Kingbird and Rose-breasted Grosbeak – all perched atop bare trees. I think the locals were very surprised to see a bunch of birders in this neighborhood as we caused several vehicles to backtrack and see what we were doing!.



Scarlet Tanager by Todd Arcos



Our second stop was through the woods (literally) to the picturesque Eastotoe River. Now it was raptor time as at least 3 adult Red-shouldered Hawks called and flew along the valley. A pair of Ravens soared overhead and a single Broad-winged Hawk that circled higher into the sky was probably a southbound migrant. We decided to have our lunch up near Twin Falls where it was still unseasonably cool under the trees.


               Twin Falls

We birded our way back along Route 11 before stopping at the very nice visitor center. By now the bird activity had virtually stopped and we had to be happy with a few soaring Turkey Vultures (showing great dihedrals) and some Mallard of questionable heritage. It was a beautiful early fall day with some very pleasant birding, especially first thing.


Simon Thompson