Trip Report


Open Country Birding

Cleveland County, NC

March 8, 2015




    There was no rain in the forecast and we knew it was going to be a beautiful late winter/early spring day. We started off at Dover Mill, where we had seen Red-headed Woodpeckers in the past. There were none today, but a Fox Sparrow was a nice bonus. Fish Crows and Brown-headed Nuthatches were good additions at the Public Works ponds, while most of us managed to glimpse the Swamp Sparrow at the next stop.
    Scanning for Ducks Moss Lake, NC   


An early Tree Swallow and at least a dozen Wilson’s Snipe gave us great views in some nearby farm country. We had the first of our newly designed Ventures Blue Ridge Bites picnic lunch at Moss Lake where the menu went down to rave reviews.



Ring-necked Ducks



     The nesting Bald Eagles, which we found completely by accident, gave us amazing views and a handful of wintering ducks (Gadwall & Ring-necked) were feeding out in the deeper section of the lake. A stop at the end of the day to look for Loggerhead Shrike failed to produce any sightings of this declining bird, but some Savannah and White-crowned Sparrows were a small consolation.


Simon Thompson


Ladies having Lunch Moss Lake, NC