Trip Report


Fall Migration in Jackson Park

Hendersonville, NC

September 12, 2012





Blue-winged Warbler by Todd Arcos


Ten folks joined us for a warbler workshop at Jackson Park on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Things started off a little slow, but as soon as we got to the rightly named Warbler trail, things heated up quickly. We had great looks at American Redstart, Canada, Magnolia, Tennessee, Black-and-white, Chestnut-sided, Black-throated Green and Hooded Warblers. The Hooded Warblers were actually singing, which was a nice bonus. We searched the nature trail for Kentucky and Nashville Warblers that had been seen there earlier in the morning, but we were unsuccessful. By the end of the day, we ended up with 16 species of warblers. We did have great looks at Great Crested Flycatcher along the nature trail. After a great lunch, we birded the paved Green way next to the warbler trail. There we came across the bird of the day: a calling Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. After a little searching, we were able to get looks at it. All in all it was a great day! Here is our full list of 51 species for the day.


Simon Thompson




Turkey Vulture
Red-shouldered Hawk
Broad-winged Hawk  
Mourning Dove
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Belted Kingfisher
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Pileated Woodpecker
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Acadian Flycatcher
Empidonax sp.
Eastern Phoebe
Great Crested Flycatcher
White-eyed Vireo
Yellow-throated Vireo
Blue-headed Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo
Blue Jay
American Crow
Carolina Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
House Wren
Carolina Wren
American Robin
Gray Catbird
Northern Mockingbird  
Brown Thrasher  
European Starling  
Northern Waterthrush  
Blue-winged Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler  
Tennessee Warbler  
Common Yellowthroat  
Hooded Warbler  
American Redstart  
Cape May Warbler  
Northern Parula  
Magnolia Warbler  
Blackburnian Warbler  
Chestnut-sided Warbler  
Pine Warbler  
Black-throated Green Warbler  
Canada Warbler  
Eastern Towhee  
Summer Tanager  
Northern Cardinal  
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
American Goldfinch