Fall Migration

Jackson Park

Hendersonville, NC
September 21, 2011




      Trip Report





Bay-breasted Warbler Photo by Todd Arcos


    The prediction was for rain and fog up in the Blue Ridge, so a rapid change of plans was called for. So, with the amazing migration that had been going on in Jackson Park, where else would be a logical destination? Rather than sit in our cars and watch the raindrops sliding down our windscreens, we sat in the picnic shelter and chatted about migration in our area and throughout the Americas. Thankfully the rain eventually stopped allowing us to start enjoying some of the fall warbler migration going on in the park. Warblers were everywhere with the common four species being American Redstart, Tennessee, Magnolia and Chestnut-sided Warblers. We did manage a few of the more uncommon species, such as Golden-winged, Blue-winged, Bay-breasted and Worm-eating. Several Yellow-billed Cuckoos were hanging out in the rain and a few Wood Thrush were eating some of the grapes and Virginia Creeper berries.
Despite the dreadful weather (it would have been worse up in the Blue Ridge), we really did have a great day in the Park and thanks very much to Steve Ritt for helping us out.
Simon Thompson